About Us

Hi I'm Jodi and welcome to Canine Appetites!

I have owned working breeds for most of my adult life. I currently have five dogs at home and I also have one cat, just to keep life interesting!

Over the years I have searched for the right way to feed my dogs to help sustain their health and vitality. This has been a long journey, but one I'm glad I have taken. I have learnt many things from many people over the years and more importantly, I have learnt to watch and listen to what my dogs are trying to tell me in regards to their well being.

I have gone through stages of cooking their foods, I have experimented with juicers and blenders, pasta, rice, oats, the lot! I have run around looking for the best quality, for the best price on meats, offal, fruit and vegetables.

I have torn my hair out making sure they have the right nutritional balance and vitamins and minerals. I even bought ducks to ensure they got natural quality eggs with no nasty chemicals.

Of course all dogs (like humans) aren't created equal, and though you may have two of the same breed, it doesn't mean that they will both benefit from the same diet. However, with Raw 4 Paws® and I Love A Dog I have all that I need for my dogs within reach. This means I can spend more of my time with my dogs attending to their training and socialisation, than worrying about their food. Their eyes are brighter, their coats shinier and most importantly, they are healthier; which means less vet visits and cost savings to me.