Genuine Australian Bull Pizzle (Each)
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Genuine Australian Bull Pizzle (Each)

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Beef Pizzle is an excellent chew that is suitable for any size dog but absolutely perfect for puppies and small dogs. A Super healthy treat that is highly palatable, easily digestible and contains absolutely no additives, chemicals or preservatives. Chewing on this hard brown stick of muscle is great for helping maintain healthy gums, strong teeth and does a great job of cleaning your dog’s teeth. They do not stink and they are way healthier than a pig’s ear which can be around 58% fat. Compare me to a kangaroo tendon YES, honestly your pup will love you even more as these are truley delicious.

Loyalty Pet Treats Nutrieseal™ process guarantees your dog a pure natural way to clean their teeth and massage the gums and keeping them strong & healthy. Our beef is Queensland bred and is free range grass fed.

At Loyalty Pet Treats we choose NOT to Google a generalised nutritional analysis on any of our products.

This analysis is done specifically on LPT products at NATA registered laboratories. Our analysis validates the effectiveness of our Nutrieseal™ process.

This analysis is not applicable to any other form of drying of these products.

High Quality, Low Fat 0.9%, 100% AUSSIE BEEF

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